Describe the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? Well, I don’t think I can say honestly that I have been scared in a way that is meaningful or made me rethink my life or any decisions I have made. I think that kind of fear is only felt from people who know themselves that they have made mistakes or wrong choices.

I have crossed the road close to a moving car before, I have choked before and I have fallen before, but I have never experienced fear so deep as to make me rethink life and its meaning.


3 thoughts on “Inspiration?

  1. I’ve had many life-changing experiences. Maybe you should be glad that you haven’t? Most life-changing experiences, aren’t good 😉

  2. Most people, I think, need to be scared straight at some point, to get them thinking about the deeper questions and seek meaning versus existence. I make it a habit to tie up all loose ends in my life as often as possible, because I know each day could be the last. I want to make each day count.

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