Review: Dog / Puppy Travel Carrier

Dog or Puppy Travel Carrier

I take my Chihuahua, Eevah, everywhere with me. Because she is so tiny, most shop owners are happy for me to take her into their premises as long as shes off the floor. Shes a little bit of a celebrity in our area now, most people know her.

I have recently come across a problem, because shes so little I often pick her up and tuck her into my coat so all you can see is her head curiously poking out, this was fine for a while, but it leaves me with only one hand. Having one hand is fine when you are walking around a shop and only browsing but, when you have a small pile of items you want to buy and also have to rummage inside your bag to find money to pay for them, its very difficult.

I decided a few weeks ago to purchase a dog carrier from eBay. There are a lot of different styles, colours and shapes to choose from but I decided to go for a simple plain carrier with a convenient pocket on the side.

I ordered the item and received it promptly 3 working days later. The bag itself is very well made and very sturdy, it even has a small leash inside to attach to your dogs collar for safety. The stitching is secure and the quality is excellent.

Eevah was very unsure about the bag for a few days but she slowly become more accustom to it. She now knows that, when i get the bag out, its time to go out!

My Very Own Mask


Rimmel London Lasting Finish FoundationMake up is such an amazing thing. How you make yourself look and feel (in my opinion) through using make up is a very personal thing to yourself.
I’ve always had blemishes. My biggest appearance flaw, in my eyes, are the bags under my eyes. I’ve been using Rimmel London – Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in True Nude for approximately 3 years now and I feel that I have become some what obsessive over it. The serum is smooth and light, it hardly feels like you are wearing any make up at all. The foundation helps mask the bags under my eyes and really helps me gain confidence. I feel that self confidence is very important and make up is a very important factor in protecting confidence and belief in yourself. You can achieve anything when you believe in yourself. £5.99 seems a little price to pay for what you gain.

One of the best things about this foundation is that, once its applied, its on! There is no worrying about it rubbing off on clothes or your hands, this is great for me because I’ve always had a strong hate for the good old ‘foundation collar’. Another great thing is its value for money, because the serum is so smooth and has a liquid consistency, you only need to use a small amount for maximum effect, one pot easily lasts me 6/7  weeks.

Overall, I have only a few words to sum up this foundation, ‘a great foundation buy that’s defiantly worth a try’.


Describe the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? Well, I don’t think I can say honestly that I have been scared in a way that is meaningful or made me rethink my life or any decisions I have made. I think that kind of fear is only felt from people who know themselves that they have made mistakes or wrong choices.

I have crossed the road close to a moving car before, I have choked before and I have fallen before, but I have never experienced fear so deep as to make me rethink life and its meaning.

Mans Best Friend

Eevah my Chihuahua

This is definitely my ‘photo of the day’. I bought her that ‘Milk Scented Dog Bone’ just before I picked her up when she was only eight weeks old, she is now a year and a half and doesn’t go many places without it, shes some what obsessive about it actually.

She always manages to make me smile when I take her to a pet shop, we look around and I show her toys to see which one she is interested in, I normally end up buying her some ridiculous stuffed hot dog toy for around £10 and she loves it, don’t get me wrong, but if I screw up a piece of newspaper and roll it along the floor, shes just as happy!

Dogs are so easy to please, they don’t ask for much, they don’t care if you have no make up on, if your upset, if your not feeling well or if you have had a bad day as long as your able to snuggle with them at night time and tickle their belly.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

After realising that I had owned an IPhone for over 3 years, I recently decided that it was time for a change. As reluctant as I was to switch from iOS to Android, I decided to buy myself a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I can happily say, I do not regret that at all.

The phone is lightweight, its hard to believe that so much technology is packed into this phone and it can still weigh so little. I myself prefer a heavier phone, I feel that it makes the phone feel like its better quality and more robust when it has some weight to it, but this wasn’t a problem as once I had attached a bumper case to the phone, it felt like I had more in my hand.

The design is outstanding, its sleek and smooth and looks incredible. The screen is so large that there is hardly a space between the screen and the outer shell. I do really like the fact that the phone has a 4.3-inch display but I feel I may become accustom to this and will need to be buying phones with bigger screens from now on.

The camera quality is breath-taking with an amazing 13 megapixel camera. The photo quality is sharp and precise and comes with lots of added features.

I have now had my Samsung Galaxy S4 for just over 3 months, I have not experienced any problems with the phone and do not regret switching to this phone from my IPhone. Overall, the phone is slim and light, has a powerful processor with outstanding screen quality, the camera is excellent quality and the phone itself has loads of additional features that blows other phones out of the water.

Session One – My Laser Tattoo Removal Experience

Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After

When I was 16 years old, I made (what i though to be) a very wise decision and decided to get a tattoo on my left foot. The tattoo was a very irrelevant flower with some form of tribal on the outside. Looking back, I now accept that this was a silly mistake.

My sister has recently had a large tattoo on her thigh and, thankfully, after finding out that her tattoo parlor also performed laser tattoo removal, she was more than happy to refer me. I went down to the tattooist the following day and booked my first session, the lady was very welcoming and friendly and told me everything I needed to know about the process. After feeling reassured about the process I  then decided to book my first session for the following week. I have to admit, I was VERY nervous.

On the day of my first session, I had a very long form to fill out concerning my health, most of the questions were understandable and were regarding my skin type, medical history, medications and lifestyle. After completing the form I was then reassured by the lady who was going to be performing the removal as she tried to ‘calm me down’ by describing, in her opinion, what the process felt like, in her words “Its just like when you cook bacon and the fat spits at you, but constant”, but I have to admit, this did not calm me down.

The process itself took no more than 15 seconds and I have to admit, was very uncomfortable. The best way I can describe it is, its like a rubber band being flicked at your skin, but constantly.

I have been advised to wait 8 weeks before my next session to allow the skin to heal, I have been told that I will need roughly 5 sessions to have it fully removed.

My next session will be the 9th December 2013 and I will have an update on session two as soon as possible.

Personalised Pint Glass from Getting Personal Review

Getting Personal Pint Glass

I have always struggled with birthdays and Christmas presents, getting gifts for close family and friends seems to be getting harder and harder! The worst culprit for this seems to be my dad, he is very minimalistic and never asks for much. I decided this year to get him a small bundle of (what i like to think of) personal meaningful gifts. After a long while of browsing online I found a website called, they sell a wide variety of gifts from personalised calenders and diary’s to gardening and romantic gifts, but I decided to go for the personalised pint glass. The website allows you to enter your own text to have engraved on the product and even go’s as far to allow you to pick slightly different designs of pint glasses with different images and slogans, all of this for just £9.99 and £2.99 standard delivery. Once I placed my order, the website allowed me to track my order and follow the creation process, from receiving the order, to the engraving being completed and the item being shipped. I received my item a few working days later, it was packaged in a solid sturdy cardboard box and the glass itself was wrapped in protective paper, it was good enough to be wrapped with no need for preparation. I was over the moon with my purchase, and thankfully, so was my dad!