Mans Best Friend

Eevah my Chihuahua

This is¬†definitely my ‘photo of the day’. I bought her that ‘Milk Scented Dog Bone’ just before I picked her up when she was only eight weeks old, she is now a year and a half and doesn’t go many places without it, shes some what obsessive about it actually.

She always manages to make me smile when I take her to a pet shop, we look around and I show her toys to see which one she is interested in, I normally end up buying her some ridiculous stuffed hot dog toy for around ¬£10 and she loves it, don’t get me wrong, but if I screw up a piece of newspaper and roll it along the floor, shes just as happy!

Dogs are so easy to please, they don’t ask for much, they don’t care if you have no make up on, if your upset, if your not feeling well or if you have had a bad day as long as your able to snuggle with them at night time and tickle their belly.