Review: Dog / Puppy Travel Carrier

Dog or Puppy Travel Carrier

I take my Chihuahua, Eevah, everywhere with me. Because she is so tiny, most shop owners are happy for me to take her into their premises as long as shes off the floor. Shes a little bit of a celebrity in our area now, most people know her.

I have recently come across a problem, because shes so little I often pick her up and tuck her into my coat so all you can see is her head curiously poking out, this was fine for a while, but it leaves me with only one hand. Having one hand is fine when you are walking around a shop and only browsing but, when you have a small pile of items you want to buy and also have to rummage inside your bag to find money to pay for them, its very difficult.

I decided a few weeks ago to purchase a dog carrier from eBay. There are a lot of different styles, colours and shapes to choose from but I decided to go for a simple plain carrier with a convenient pocket on the side.

I ordered the item and received it promptly 3 working days later. The bag itself is very well made and very sturdy, it even has a small leash inside to attach to your dogs collar for safety. The stitching is secure and the quality is excellent.

Eevah was very unsure about the bag for a few days but she slowly become more accustom to it. She now knows that, when i get the bag out, its time to go out!


Personalised Pint Glass from Getting Personal Review

Getting Personal Pint Glass

I have always struggled with birthdays and Christmas presents, getting gifts for close family and friends seems to be getting harder and harder! The worst culprit for this seems to be my dad, he is very minimalistic and never asks for much. I decided this year to get him a small bundle of (what i like to think of) personal meaningful gifts. After a long while of browsing online I found a website called, they sell a wide variety of gifts from personalised calenders and diary’s to gardening and romantic gifts, but I decided to go for the personalised pint glass. The website allows you to enter your own text to have engraved on the product and even go’s as far to allow you to pick slightly different designs of pint glasses with different images and slogans, all of this for just £9.99 and £2.99 standard delivery. Once I placed my order, the website allowed me to track my order and follow the creation process, from receiving the order, to the engraving being completed and the item being shipped. I received my item a few working days later, it was packaged in a solid sturdy cardboard box and the glass itself was wrapped in protective paper, it was good enough to be wrapped with no need for preparation. I was over the moon with my purchase, and thankfully, so was my dad!

American Retro Candy Sweets Gift Box from ‘A Taste of America’ Review

A Taste of America American Candy Gift Set

Everyone loves candy and I can admit, I do eat my fair share. With Christmas coming up I recently found myself needing to buy a secret Santa gift. With many different ideas going through my head about what to get, from mugs and jewellery to DIY gift sets and novelty soaps, i found myself at a loose end. After some browsing online I found a company that sold gift boxes of American candy. After a long while of researching their products I found a small gift set that contained Gobstoppers, Laffy Taffy and Nerds for only £4.99 with free delivery (I must admit, an amazing price). I ordered the box and received its promptly 3 working days later in the post. It was packaged securely and it even managed to fit through my letter box! I was over the moon with this purchase and its amazing value for money, when you consider packaging, postage and the actual product itself, £4.99 was an absolute bargain. I can happily say that I would most defiantly recommend this company and would certainly purchase from them again.